Is something wrong with your order?

Have you just received your order and something is wrong?

First of all, we are really sorry. When things go wrong around the festive period we know it can be stressful to get things sorted. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you!

We could blame Santa’s Elves causing chaos in our warehouse, however it is probably down to human error or even one of our carriers.

To help you in the best way we can, please contact us via email giving us as much information as you can. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email which indicates that your query has been received and is in the queue.

Please contact us before returning your order as you will be charged for the return costs.

  • Damaged item: please send us pictures of the damages and the box by clicking here.
  • Damaged package: please check if any item is damaged and send us pictures of the damages and the box by clicking here.
  • Wrong size: please verify all sizes on the box or the tag - sometimes items show the brand size or a different gender size which can differ from the UK size. If there is an error then please let us know by clicking here. Please let us know which size was received (both brand and UK sizes) and which size you were expecting.
  • Wrong item: please check if the dispatch note on your parcel is the correct one and let us know by clicking here. Please let us know what item was received (brand, colour) what was expected. It can be caused by an error on the website, a picking error or a mistake when labeling the parcel and finding out what happened will help us resolve the issue and offer you the best option.
  • Wrong order: it's one of those we really don't like because it means you received the order and so did somebody else!This is due to one of our team members adding the wrong label to the wrong parcel. Please contact us by email by clicking here and letting us know your order number and the order number you can find on the dispatch note.

Please note that we do our best to resolve all issues and answer every questions as fast as possible but sometimes it takes a little longer, especially around Black Friday and Christmas. If you send us another email within 24h, our system will unfortunately push your query down to the queue. In case of emergency, give us a call and one of our team member will assist you!